EU Translation

We provide translation services to the EU bodies

A domain we particularly specialise and have achieved growing acceptance in is the translation of texts dealing with the European Union. We provide translation services to the Court of Justice, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, European Central Bank and the European Commission.


Financial Translation

Prospectuses, financial statements, reports

Our team includes specialists in the fields of economy, banking, capital markets, accounting, reporting and finance, as well as insurance.



Expertise, competence, practice

Legal vocabulary is more than essential. Every single word, terminological nuance and semantic shade may change the meaning of the whole text. Our experienced team of lawyers, lawyer-linguists, specialised translators, interpreters and reviewers ensures high quality of our legal translation services.


Fields ofExpertise

Legal Translation

We offer comprehensive legal translation in the following language pairs: PL-EN, PL-DE, PL-SP, PL-FR, PL-RU and others. Our translation team has a vast knowledge in the field of legal translation and continually aims to broaden it. Drawing on own professional experience, we are fully aware of the potential consequences that wrong terminological choices may have.

On a daily basis, we deal with pleadings, legal opinions, contracts, notarial deeds, corporate documents, documentation of arbitration and mediation proceedings, court judgments with grounds, legal acts (Polish and Community), public procurement documents and others. Insurance is another field we specialise in, including the translation of general terms and conditions, endorsements, policies and claim adjustment documentation.

There is a possibility of certifying our translations.

Financial Translation

We also provide comprehensive financial translation in the following language pairs: PL-EN, PL-DE, PL-SP, PL-FR, PL-RU and others. Our portfolio includes translation of prospectuses, market analyses and forecasts, auditor's reports, financial statements, including annual bank reports, investment documents, as well as the rules on financial reporting, accounting, taxes and many more.

Our offer is addressed mainly to banks, chartered accountants offices, investment funds, brokerage houses, accountancy offices and trading companies.
We also provide interpreting services during business meetings or negotiations, as well as translation assistance in contacts with foreign parties or foreign and domestic experts.

EU Translation

Another area of our professional activity is EU translation. For several years, we have had the pleasure and honour to provide translation of various documents and publications to the EU bodies, mainly from English into Polish and Polish into English. Our Clients include the Court of Justice, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, European Central Bank and the European Commission. Members of our team have worked as official translators and provided translation services to the European Parliament as external translators. This area of translation requires not only broad linguistic skills and expertise in a number of fields, but also thorough knowledge of terminological requirements as well as stylistic and editorial rules, guidelines and recommendations for translators.


What distinguishes us from other entities offering translation services is the fact that our translation projects are carried out by a team of specialists in a number of fields: lawyers, lawyer-linguists, experienced legal and financial translators as well as reviewers. Experience gained over the years has taught us that what matters the most is the completion of a task as fast as possible, at the same time maintaining high quality and consistency. That is why an important part of the translation process is bilingual review and editing which ensure high quality of our services. Depending on the needs, texts are reviewed by experienced lawyer-linguists or specialised linguists. We also offer review or editing services in EN-PL and PL-EN language pairs, content editing services provided by a lawyer, as well as adapting the text to the requirements of the Polish law.

IURIDICO team in the World law Dictionary Project

English may be the common language of the world, but the Common Law is not the common law of the world.
That’s why, in a unique project, lawyers-linguists and legal academics from around the world have teamed up to create an online multilingual law dictionary linking the world’s legal languages in a single database.


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